Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Random casual date.

Just a random outing with le boyfie...few months back. Wanted to try this out since forever, we were either too full for the ice cream, or have got no time. Damn weekend classes, ruined my weekend date.

It was stated that they have a branch in Farenheit 88 but apparently no. We spend half an hour looking for the shop, even tried looking for it each floor yet we couldn't find it. I was disappointed, class is starting in less than two hours, I thought again we have to miss this yummy dessert I've been craving for.

Boyfie couldn't bear with the sad bun bun face I pulled, he dragged me all the way to KLCC because I hinted him that I am sure they have one there, while class is going to start in an hour time or so. Yay for the awesome boyfie!

Big nose Bone with big face Bun.
Yes, you definitely deserve a better looking photo, too bad I have none in my camera.

Totally forgot what did we ordered. Well, the sides were baby marshmallows and mars bars.
It's yummy anyway so who cares? 

Did I mention that he came to see me with a bouquet of flowers? I thought he did something nasty and this was for compensation. Turned out it was just a pure surprise he sincerely prepared because it has been a while since we really hang out for a casual date.

His love never fails to surprise me. 

Anyway, it was kind of awkward to walk with roses in hand, especially in a mall. People gave you the weird attention, which is the last thing I ever need.

Well, awkwardness or romance, choose wisely.
I'd choose the latter one. Who wouldn't?

Friday, March 15, 2013

Burger Junkyard, Kota Damansara

I a food lover, there's nothing else I'd love more than finding new dining places. Sadly, boyfie is nothing like me, he eats a very little, guess you can find that out by seeing body, so skinny I'd die to have that body for myself! 

Lucky me, even he doesnt like hunting food like me, he'd fetch me anywhere I want. Yes, I still do not dare to drive around KL city. Even thou we dont know the way, but we have waze... So here we go. 

Boyfie loves fast food, pizza, burger, strange isnt it people who loves to eat junk food like him never gain weight while me, gaining 82637286kgs after being with him. We've been once to MyBurgerLab once but the queue was so long, we sort of lose our appetite after the long queue. Anyway, that's the reason I brought him to Burger Junkyard, Kota Damansara. Well I suggested, he drove. 

Fried country mushroom. (RM6.90)
It's a lil greasy but I love this, and their tomato salsa.

 Boyfie's Mango Whazapp-bi, (RM18.90 for large one) added on with two slices of bacon. (RM1.50)
So huge we can't eat the whole thing one shot, so we took out the bacon and enjoy the original taste.
Personally, I love this special tangy mango wasabi sauce in it, it's a little sweet, but I can merely taste the wasibi flavor. 

Classic Brooklyn burger (RM15.90 for regular one) They have a choice of beef or chicken for the patty. My choice was the chicken ones, with turkey ham, and beef bacon. Every burger comes with fries, FOC. 
Boyfie doesnt like this one much because of the onions. SO PICKY NO WONDER CAN NEVER GROW FATTER!

For a side note, not going to see boyfie for another 3 months, time to buckle up my study and plan for the next food trip with the love ones. xoxo

Monday, December 31, 2012

Flash back 2012

Thank God that December 2012 isnt the end of the world, I can sit in front of my laptop blogging about how my year had been through. Looking back to all my photos and things around me, I'm grateful for everything I have, there's nothing better I'd ask for.

Jan - Feb, spent first few months of my 2012 crying over a person who won't even bother about how I feel. Typing this actually makes me feel dumb, but that's the best worst thing I've ever experienced. Loved, heartbroken, regained the courage, that's how people learnt isnt it? 

March - May, get my ass back to college after slacking, hiding myself in the room for months. I'd love to thank all the friends, every single one of them who helped me, encourage me, knocked my head to get some sense into me to make me realized that life is not all about him, I have to bestir myself. 

Months of staying in the library for study session was stress yet so much fun. I met a bunch of besties, who I've missed during the down period. Study together in the library, talk cock during meals time. 5 meals a day, that's when I gained the weight I lost. 

This is too when I got to know May and Peng, the closest to me now who also helped me a lot in my study and playing an important role in my life.

June - August, longest study break. Had my happiest birthday celebration with the fella mates, lots of laughter. Went to Genting together with Lenny, Peng and May aka the PMSS group, it's the best trip of Genting in my life. 

Went to the zoo with Jm and Jo, definitely the most tired yet memorable day for the 3 of us. Brought Jm back to my hometown, brought her for all the local food, beach and sunrise that she will never forget in her entire life. Yes, pls come again. My parents have been asking about you. =)

September, got closer with Lenny, who was still in Sarawak. Planned him a surprise birthday party. As return, he and the wild bunch surprised me with a proposal. Sweet and romantic I'd say? No one had ever done this for me okay!

October - November, countless of outing ever since there is free Go KL bus, BBQ at new place. Chilling month.

December, Christmas in Kuantan, visited the beach, New Year Eve dinner at home with both bestfriend and boyfieeee. 

Family, I love nothing more than you guys. Especially my mum, who cried when we surprised her on Mother's Day, who support me when I was in trouble, during the most depressing moments in my life, she is there all the time, telling me how she wish she could take away all my pain. I am sorry I broke your heart, disappoint you. I promise I will be a better daughter this year.

Just realized that we dont really much family photos together this year, that's sad, it's time for my new camera to work his magic.

Boyfriend, I have to thank this bony for being so lovely and tolerance all the time and loving me for who am I despite all the flaws he sees in me. When I first met you, I never knew that we will ever be together, surprises are those you did not expect, I don't think any of us see that coming. Thank God that everything worked out perfectly, I am glad that I have you. Thank you for loving me at my worst, listen to me. From the bottom of my heart, I thank each and every little thing you had done for me. Heart you bony.

Friends, where will I be if you guys are not part of my life? Friends come and go, only the true one stays. I would say I am lucky I have so many of you all, who encouraged me, advice me, scolded me yet not giving up on me during the lowest point of my life. You guys have brought so much happiness to my life, my life hasnt been this happening in a while, you guys literally saved me. I can't thank each of you here but I have all the names in my heart, really.

Failed my paper, passed my referral, met a lot of awesome people. Yes 2012 started bad but ending incredibly great! I wish 2013 will be a better year, at least remain this great.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Crazy, crazy month.

Boyf is finally back after two months of waiting, we had so many plans pending because whenever we are planning something good, one of us will be saying
'Wair for Lenny to come back first la, he's back soon.'

We had our funnest night at my new place having the awesomest barbecue ever! From food shopping, preparing to cleaning, the night was filled with our laughter, we even saw firefly while chilling at the pool side, great night indeed.

Ever after the watching Paranormal Activity 4 in the cinema after my referral paper, we've been planning to have a movie marathon to finish all 3 of the first one, too bad April and Troy couldn't stay over, left only the 4 of us. Btw, We continued after the barbecue night because we were all too tired to finish all 3 of them on that same night.

The next week after that, we went to Atc Got Talent night since one of the best bud is performing. Everyone had fun of course but no one is happier than Lenny, he met his wild bunch, all of them for the first time after two months. Sadly our friend didn't win despite how he rocked our night, but we had all the fun spending time together laughing and teasing each other.

So many plans in a month time, I'm overwhelmed by the love surrounding me.

Fun working experience

Gotten a chance to work at the education fair for my college at PWTC. I've never worked for edu fair like the rest of them who mostly started working since A levels time, so it's quite a new experience for me. I have to say I realized that most of the parents are the one decide for their children, what course should they take, and these teenagers I met is either really firm about what they gonna do, or just show me a really blur face.

I'm surprised that there are students who are only 16, not even taken their SPM who came to ask us about our course, from what I remember, i didnt attend any education fair, even after I decided to study law, all I did was to walk into my college to consult, thats all. Guess they are really excited about their future.

Yes, I dressed up formally with thick make up yet no photo taken since I was the only girl there, the only one with a proper camera.

Not forget to mention Lenny came all the way from Klang just to bring me home, it was raining and he has no idea that the fair was at the other hall of PWTC, he was sweating on a rainy day, that adds another sweet thing he did for me on the list. *wink*

Had fun working with these awesome classmates of mine.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I miss you like dinosaur

"Did you miss me today?"
"Yes I did."
"How much?"
"Very much."
"How very much?"
"A lot a lot."
"How much is a lot a lot?"
"A lot a lot like dinosaur."
"WHAT?! Dinosaur? They extinct, there's no dinosaur anymore. Does that mean you miss me no more?"

Now, whenever I ask him how much do you miss, he will say
"I miss you like a dinosaur."

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Home, home again.

After spending four hours in the bus, I'm finally home. Parents traveled back and forth from Kuantan to KL very often for the last two months which caused me having lesser chance to come home, the real home. 

I insist to spend some time at the beach after having some snack at the stalls nearby, I wont say I am home if I dont go to the beach every time I come back. Beach is the one of the best place in Kuantan. Told Jm that I was on the way home, where does she misses the most and her answer never change, the beach.

I dont know what it calls but spot the mini crab on my palm.

 No words needed, home it is.

How much I've missed this place, I'd like to be here when I can.